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Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

Features of Freelancers

If you are a company owner and you want to create a website there are some points that come into your mind.
  1. Whom should you hire for the process? A web development company or someone doing freelance web development.
  2. Will we get the facilities that you want to be incorporated
  3. Will you get the value for the price that you played
The process of making these decisions can be very difficult. If you are new to the website development process and IT field this can be even more difficult. While most of the small companies can make benefits form engaging the professional web designers, the price for hiring them can be very large. This makes them inaccessible for companies with a limited budget. For them hiring someone for freelance web development can be more profitable.

Large companies have the advantage of many designers working for them. This will result in the intellectual help of many individuals in the development of a product. This will make their website more attractive with strong technical features. But this has another side too. The large office and huge work force will make the work of such companies to cost more. But for small web development firms this is not happening. They can churn out a surprisingly good product and still be very low in the price quotient.

Most of the freelancers can do a large number of skill-sets. They are usually experienced candidates who have worked in other companies and have experience in different types of platforms. They will have the ability to do a website that has all the technical specifications as needed by the website. They will also be ready to make necessary modifications as per the needs of the clients. Most of the large companies will have a preplanned contract and they will take their works forward only according to that. This will create difficulties for the clients who want any alterations in the product design. A freelance web designing person will be flexible and will do things that are favorable to the clients. Sometimes you will be the only client handled by them during this phase. So they will not want to lose you.

If you want to hire someone for freelance web designing the first step is to place an advertisement in one of the job sites. You may get many applicants. See their previous work experience and choose one.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freelance SEO Consultation and Advantages

Hiring an SEO Freelancer

Freelancers are individuals that prefer to do their work individually and limited resources. They are usually self-employed and deal with the clients directly. With the advent of Internet and related jobs the freelancing job area is developing in an extreme scale. One such field that is developed recently is the process of Freelance SEO. Doing SEO is something that requires very minimum investment. A Freelance SEO consultant can work with minimum investment on his home PC. It is the techniques and knowledge about Google indexing and updating that matters.

Most of the websites are built by spending a great deal of money and the site builders will be disappointed in the site is not returning enough traffic. The role of an SEO Freelancer is to make the site get enough visibility so that the site gets more visitors. This is done through a series if complicated steps that includes keyword research, link building and competitor analysis. It will also include redoing the website content and replacing it with quality content. Another important function is the analysis of the website titles and Meta tags and replacing them with more optimized phrases. All these processes are done after elaborate planning and if done properly it will increase the website ranking in no time. The process of SEO is more profitable to a vendor compared to paid advertisement as this will give you long lasting effects.

There are two process of doing SEO. You can entrust the site to a SEO company or you can give the work to an SEO freelancer. The process of SEO remains the same in both the cases. But there exists some differences between the two.
  1. Using a freelance SEO consultant is cheaper than hiring a company to do the same
  2. Large SEO companies will need elaborate accounting and reporting procedures that will be affordable to you only if you are doing large scale web campaigning
  3. Even though you cannot assure it, SEO freelancers may deliver more quality of work as they are handling less sites and individual attention will be available for each.
  4. Since the SEO process is done by individuals more care and assurance can be given to each sites. This will be more advantageous compared to sloppy work done by large companies.

Whatever the methods used for SEO the result must be sustainable website traffic. This can be done only with the help of ethical and hard earned SEO process. If you are looking for an offshore SEO freelancer you will need to make clarity about their client satisfaction, work mode and payment practice.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Freelance Photography as a career

Photography itself is a vast world and photos are indeed special as they hold on the memories of the beautiful time, place and event in our lives. When it comes to freelance photography it is yet another world of opportunities. You get to do what you love as you being your own boss. This may be considered as the career that you start out to make money at the same time enjoying the freedom for working for themselves on their own time. Since they work independently, their work can be creative in nature and also has the ability to capture unique moments and expressions.  

Before getting started with your job as a freelance photographer you should need a portfolio which allows you to show your samples of work. This will help you to add on your best work and also win photography contest or start receiving paid works as well. When you have created a portfolio you can start submitting your photos to contest and magazines. The quality of your photo which means the area of focus, lighting colours and the backgrounds determines your pay rate. The main advantage of freelance jobs is that the freelancers are able to set their own working hours and also making their work lives resolve around their family. The flexibility of the working schedule is one of the significant factors in this field, and it is the most apt career for those who wish for new experiences in everyday of their life.

There are some benefits in freelance photography, as discussed the main importance lies in the factor that you can work when you want. As you are self employed there is no one to question you and direct you, you can choose work according to your wish.  If you have a passion and are skilled in photography then this will bring you the satisfaction of enjoying the work you like.  When a work is done with interest it brings perfection for your work. Having a comparison with other jobs will let you know that freelance photographers are unconventional and promising, it will be difficult to get a break in the industry but once you have gained the experience, then it is a rewarding career for creative types.

Monday, December 3, 2012

To Earn More Money Through Online Jobs

Freelancing is a way to get started a job in home. A number of jobs can be performed as a freelancer. Every freelancing job is different. The skills and qualifications you need depend on what type of job you are doing. The main advantage is that you can earn more money from the comfort of your own home. More companies and organizations are now contracting out their projects instead of hiring regular employees.

There are many types of freelance jobs which you can find online. Working as a freelance writer is an interesting career. They work for a company or individual on a contractual or project basis. They have to do the work within the time. After one project is completed, freelance can move to next project. If you have good writing skills, you can earn immediate online income through freelance writing. To be hired as a freelancer writer you will be given an assignment to write an article on a specific subject. You will be given certain details of what the article should be about, such as title, and the scope of what the content should be. Then again you may only be given a keyword and be told to write an article on the subject.

In freelance translation job, you have to translate the contents from one language to another. So you must have knowledge of at least one more language beside English. In website designing jobs, you should have skill of creating presentation of contents. For this you must need qualification and experience.

Freelance jobs offer freelancers with plenty of opportunities and benefits. You can choose a job depending on your satisfaction. Also you can work on two or more jobs simultaneously. By freelancing for one or more clients you can generate an income which is often better than a full time employee salary. You can work as part time or full time. Set a schedule of work and then proceed from there. You must be aggressive in looking for these jobs rather than depending on someone to find them for you. Freelance is a marketplace that puts employers and contractors in direct contact with each other so that they can freely discuss the content of a job, fees etc. Before starting your search for freelance opportunities, make sure you understand the different opportunities being presented.

When you are applying for freelance work, you need to be prepared to provide examples of projects that you have completed and detailed contact information for professional references that are willing and able to vouch for your skills and reliability. When you start freelancing, it’s a good idea to consult an accountant who can provide you information about self employment tax considerations.

 Most of the sites that provide jobs are not genuine. Only genuine jobs provider would ask no investment. It’s really hard to find a site on Internet which really pays you. If any site claiming thousands of dollars, then there are more chances of it being fake. There is lots of support you can get from other freelancers. You can get ideas, learn lessons and share jobs with freelancers who have similar skills to you.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Benefits of Stepping Into the World of Freelancing

Each and every person tries to build up their careers for their living. Some of them will be building up their career management and others chose to be self employed. The persons whose careers are built up by self without any help from management can be categorized as Freelance Careers. There are certain websites where services of sellers are matched with buyers, and they are called Online Freelance Market places. There are several fields where freelancing can be done. They are web design, event planning, translating, screenwriting, cosmetics, indexing, consulting, editing, event management, copy editing, acting, copywriting, computer programming, publishing, fragrances, website development, tour guiding, journalism, proofreading, video editing, photojournalism and graphic design. 

Freelance works are taken directly; some of them are agreed through written contracts; some over verbal agreement and others are made into bonds by buying cash in hand.The salary or wages also differs greatly. They will be sometimes given according to time such as hourly or days work. Sometimes it will be given according to the completion of a work or to the extent of accuracy of the work. The employ can enjoy the independence for the work they do. In this he is the owner and the worker. He can choose the type of work he loves to do. He can schedule his work according to his time and as his freedom to do his work accordingly.

With the advent of internet, there has been a boom in this field. So many online jobs can be done at home itself. So many people prefer to work at home, and online jobs help them to achieve that. Also the online facility helps the worker and client to improve their working communication and speed up their work transmissions. This will also help students or other employers who have free or extra time to earn some money. The entry of Internet has helped the fields like content writing, proof reading, business process outsourcing, website designing, translating, information technology and some other fields. Most of the books are changed into e-books which have enabled lot of freelancing work in the field of proof reading, editing and copy writing.